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The latest generation of electric and hybrid cars, trucks, buses, trains and even some cargo and cruise ships are all taking advantage of cleaner electric power generation to reduce the carbon emissions that are a cause of the global warming phenomenon.

The skies of summer are now more often blue thanks to breakthroughs in electronics, transportation, electric power generation and industrial production. After decades of research and the design of new more efficient consumer, commercial and industrial products, the technologies that reduce carbon emissions are being adopted around the globe.

For example, international electrical standards have been adopted that reduce device electric power consumption. The power supplies, transformers and inductors manufactured by one of our clients help ensure lower device power consumption in automotive equipment, computers, phones, appliances, lighting and audio systems, industrial equipment and much more.

Process engineers at electric power utilities and other industrial plants are also implementing new highly efficient pollution control equipment with continuous emissions monitoring systems. The efficiency of these systems in large stacks relies on advanced multi-point air/gas flow meters manufactured by another client to strict performance standards.

Highly intelligent thermal meters perform air/gas flow, temperature and pressure measurement tasks in many industries. They support drinking water systems, beverage carbonation lines, bread baking ovens, pharmaceutical pill coating, boiler heating systems, biogas green energy, automated assembly and more.

For these clients, we have created multiple content marketing campaigns including product news stories, technical articles, case studies and social media that were published online and in print to explain their products to design, process and plant engineers. The resulting media exposure resulted in sales, leading to bluer skies for all of us.

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