When it comes to B2B content marketing strategy, you’ll find there are lots of ideas, trends and advice available. But are they right for your business?

At RBMC, we always start B2B content marketing strategy development by asking our customers a series of business case questions:

  • What are the campaign’s business objectives?
  • Who is the target customer of the campaign?
  • What are the customer’s most urgent problems?
  • Why is our product a good problem-solution fit?
  • How will the content campaign help the customer?
  • When is the best time to engage the customer with content?
  • Where will we distribute the campaign so the customer finds it?
  • How will we measure the campaign’s success?

Get Management Buy-In With A B2B Content Marketing Strategy

By answering these B2B content marketing strategy questions, you are developing a B2B content marketing strategy for the management team.  Be ready to answer their questions about what success will look like:

  • Driving web site traffic growth
  • Call-to-action landing page engagements
  • Sales lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Supporting customer conversions
  • Sales results and ROI

You get the idea . . . this is the management team’s version of “Shark Tank” where the objective is to obtain budget approval to create your B2B content marketing strategy campaign. You might also look at the competition to see if they have developed a B2B content marketing strategy.

At RBMC, we can help you develop a successful B2B content marketing strategy to create:

  • Plans, budgets and schedules
  • Persuasive content pieces
  • Distribution channel plans
  • Results tracking

Contact us for more information on how we can create an effective B2B content marketing strategy for your company.